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DateTimeExt DateTimeExt is able to parse RFC2822/RFC822 formatted dates.
RssFeed The RssFeed Web control displays a DataGrid-like view of an RSS feed. Examples of the RssFeed in action can be seen at and
RssFeedItem Represents and item (row) in the RssFeed control.
RssFeedItemCollection RssItemCollection represents a collection of RssFeedItem objects. The RssFeed control has a property called Items which is of type RssFeedItemCollection, and allows programmatic access to the RssFeed control's RSS items.
RssFeedItemCommandEventArgs The RssFeed control can have a page developer-defined template. This template might include Buttons or LinkButtons (or other Web controls). If a button is in the template, and if it raises its Command event, the event is bubbled up from the RssFeedItem to RssFeed, which then fires its ItemCommand event, much like the DataGrid/DataList/Repeater controls do. This EventArgs class is the EventArgs that an event handler responding to ItemCommand will accept. Just like the DataGridItemCommandEventArgs class, this class has an Item, CommandSource, CommandName, and CommandArgument properties... ///
RssFeedItemEventArgs When the RssFeed creates a new RssFeedItem and DataBind()s it, it raises its ItemCreated and ItemDataBound events, respectively. Event handlers for these events accept an EventArgs parameter of type RssFeedItemEventArgs, which includes a reference to the RssFeedItem that was created/databound.


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Enumeration Description
RssFeedItemType Specifies the type of an RssFeedItem in the RssFeed control.