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Scott Mitchell's Code Projects

The following are a list of source code projects I have created that are freely available.

skmMenu - an ASP.NET Menu Server Control

RssFeed - an ASP.NET custom server control for displaying RSS feeds

RollOver - an ASP.NET Roll-Over Button Server Control

.Text Calendar View - a Calendar for .Text that Shows Current Posts

PrettyDataGrid - an ASP.NET custom server control that displays a row-highlightable, row-selectable DataGrid

RoundedCorners - an ASP.NET custom server control that displays a box with rounded corners, creating the corner images on the fly.

skmLinkButton - extends the ASP.NET LinkButton control, allowing for text in the Status Bar and a Confirm Dialog Box on Click.

skmVisualizers - custom debugger visualizers for Visual Studio 2005.

skmValidators - custom validation controls for CheckBoxes and CheckBoxLists for ASP.NET 2.0.

skmControls - custom Web controls for ASP.NET 2.0.

skmExpressionBuilders - a suite of custom expression builders for ASP.NET.

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