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This Page Maintained By: Scott Mitchell
Last Updated: March 2nd, 2011

skmMenu Information

Table of Contents

Downloading and Installing skmMenu
Using skmMenu in an ASP.NET Web Application
Code Documentation


skmMenu is a custom ASP.NET server control developed by
Scott Mitchell for an article on the ASP.NET Dev Center on MSDN Online. skmMenu renders a menu in a visitor's browser using HTML and client-side JavaScript, and has been tested with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Opera.

skmMenu is an open-source project available online at http://datawebcontrols.com/menu.) To date, the following individuals have contributed to the skmMenu source code:

skmMenu was created in September 2003.

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Downloading and Installing skmMenu

skmMenu is available via the Web site datawebcontrols.com/menu. From datawebcontrols.com/menu you can download skmMenu, view the online documentation, read FAQs, visit a messageboard, and so on.

To start using skmMenu in an ASP.NET Web application, you need to do the following steps:

For Visual Studio .NET Users

  1. Add the skmMenu compiled assembly to the References folder in your ASP.NET Web application project. (If you donwloaded the complete source code you'll first need to load the source code in a Visual Studio .NET project and build the solution...)
  2. Add the skmMenu control to the Visual Studio .NET Toolbox. To do this, right-click on the Toolbox and choose Add/Remove Items. Then, browse to the skmMenu compiled assembly (skmMenu.dll) and click OK.
  3. To add skmMenu to an ASP.NET Web Form, simply drag the Menu icon from the Toolbox onto the page's Designer. You can then set the properties through the Properties pane and interface with the control in the code-behind class as needed.

For Non-Visual Studio .NET Users

  1. Download the binary version of skmMenu and copy the downloaded DLL (skmMenu.dll) to the /bin folder of your Web application.
  2. To add skmMenu to an ASP.NET Web page, first add the following directive to the top of the ASP.NET page:

    <%@ Register TagPrefix="skm" Namespace="skmMenu" Assembly="skmMenu" %>

    Then, you can place an instance of skmMenu in the page using the following syntax:

    <skm:Menu id="menuID" runat="server" ...></skm:Menu>

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Using skmMenu in an ASP.NET Web Application

Check out this articles for information about skmMenu:

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skmMenu Code Documentation

skmMenu contains both offline and online documentation. The online documentation is available at
http://datawebcontrols.com/menu/Download/documentation/. The offline documentation is available in the skmMenu downloads.
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