REQUEST: Ideas for a Useful HTTP Handler Demo?

Published 24 March 04 01:22 PM | Scott Mitchell

I'm starting work on an article on dynamically generating content using HTTP handlers. Naturally, I'll cover what HTTP handlers are and how they can be created, configured, and deployed. I'd like to wrap up the article with a look at some HTTP handler demos. The cannonical one is to create an HTTP handler to work with images somehow, such as watermarking the image, dynamically thumbnailing the image, or resizing the image on the fly. I plan on a quick demo of watermarking and protecting your images against bandwidth thiefs (namely, making sure that someone doesn't directly link to your images on your Web site from their site), but am interested if the handful of people who actually read my blog might have any ideas/suggestions on a second HTTP handler demo.

My current idea is kind of a contrived one, since it would not make sense to do this at runtime, but... it's an HTTP handler for compressing external JavaScript files. Namely, the HTTP handler is attached to files with the .js extension. Requests that come in for .js files, then, are compressed, removing superlfuous whitespace, comments, etc. (Thanks to regex guru Darren Neimke for some pointers on stripping whitespace effectively.)

If any of y'all have suggestions for other HTTP handler demos that might be more interesting / plausible in a real-world setting, I'd be interested to hear them...


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