skmLinkButton - Easily Displaying Text in the Browser's Status Bar

Published 21 October 04 10:36 AM | Scott Mitchell

I was perusing the microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet.webcontrols newsgroup yesterday and stumbled upon this question by Brian Hoops:

Is there a way within asp to modify what the status bar text reads when the user hovers above the text for a link-button.

IE: rather than javascript:__doPostBack(...)

or do I need to have a javascript onmouseover for every one?

I responded to Brian's question, informing him that there were no built-in properties of the LinkButton Web control that would provide this functionality, and that adding said functionality could be accomplished in one of two ways:

  1. By manually entering the needed JavaScript into the LinkButton's declarative syntax, or programmatically through the LinkButton's Attributes collection, or
  2. By creating a new custom control that derived from LinkButton and included a property like StatusBarText, that could be set to the text to display in the browser's status bar. This extended control, then, would inject the necessary JavaScript.

For the heck of it I whipped up a custom control called skmLinkButton that extended the LinkButton class and provided the desired behavior. (Additionally, skmLinkButton includes the ability to add a confirm dialog box, similar to Andy Smith's ConfirmedButtons set of controls.)

skmLinkButton, along with my other open-source ASP.NET server controls, is listed on my Code Projects page.

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