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Published 03 January 06 10:54 AM | Scott Mitchell

Ever since creating RssFeed (an open source ASP.NET control designed to display content from an RSS feed in an ASP.NET web page), I've used the control to display the latest headlines from on the 4Guys ASP.NET homepage. About a month ago fellow MVP Sonu Kapoor dropped me a line and we discussed integrating feeds from his site - DotNetSlackers - onto the 4Guys homepage. DotNetSlackers slurps ASP.NET-related websites and blogs from around the Internet and provides a consolidated feed along with category-specific feeds. Initially I used Sonu's ASP.NET category feed on 4Guys, but, since the feed included blogs, found there to be too many off-topic posts (i.e., headlines not focused strictly on ASP.NET content). Furthermore, the feed URLs point back to a summary on DotNetSlackers rather than to the actual syndicated item.

After brainstorming a bit, Sonu came up with a neat solution. Since he already was culling the Internet grabbing various feeds from various focused websites, why not create a page where visitors could say, “I am interested in feeds X, Y, and Z,” and then have DotNetSlackers provide a single feed that consolidated those feeds? For example, you could say, “I am interested in's latest articles,'s latest articles, and K. Scott Allen's excellent blog.” After selecting these three blogs, DotNetSlackers would create a single feed for you that you could display on your website or add to your feed reader. Not only does this free service provide a way to selectively consolidate various .NET-focused feeds, but Sonu is kind enough to link directly to the syndicated content. (Sonu does ask that if you do use this combine feed service on your website that you do give a plug to his site,

You can check out the feed building service over at


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