I Am Now Tweeting (Or is it Twittering?)

Published 10 August 10 07:12 AM | Scott Mitchell

Last week I received an email from Srikanth Pragada, a .NET trainer in southern India, asking why I did not have a Twitter account. I had two excuses. First, I am somewhat of a Luddite when it comes to social technologies like cell phones and web apps like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Also, I have the knack of verbosity, in that I can - and often do! - take 100 words to describe a point that could have been made in 50. Consequently, Twitter's 140 character limit sort of grates against my natural tendency to write as if I was being paid by the word.

But excuses be damned, for I have started tweeting! (Or is it, "I have started Twittering?" I need a teenager so that I can have the answers to questions like these.) You can follow me @ScottOnWriting. Like with this blog, my intent it to use this Twitter account exclusively for discussing and sharing information about ASP.NET and related technologies/topics. No tweets about what I had for breakfast or that my flight is delayed, promise!

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