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Published 18 August 10 08:27 PM | Scott Mitchell

Teach Yourself ASP.NET 4 in 24 Hours Yesterday I received the author copies of my latest book, Teach Yourself ASP.NET 4 in 24 Hours. When signing the author agreement many, many months ago, there is typically a clause that promises the author X copies of the finished book. Getting these author copies is the final chapter in the book writing process – there is literally no more work to be done. No more writing, no more editing, no more author reviews. It signifies the true completion of the work and results in a physical product you can put your hands on and say, “Here it is. Thank goodness that’s over. Someone please slap me if I ever decide to do this again.”

As with my previous installments of Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 24 Hours, this book is intended for beginner to intermediate developers who are interested in learning ASP.NET 4. The book presumes no prior experience with ASP.NET, databases, or even HTML, although familiarity in those technologies in a plus. Over the course of 24 “hours” (or chapters, as I’m wont to call them), the reader is:

  • Introduced to ASP.NET and the client/server model inherent in every web application,
  • Given a crash course in using Visual Web Developer to create, design, and test ASP.NET websites,
  • Presented an overview of the Visual Basic programming language (for those new to programming),
  • Introduced to ASP.NET’s WebForms model and the most common and germane Web controls,
  • Taught the basics of working with relational databases, including a crash course in SQL,
  • Given an overview of working with databases from ASP.NET pages, including how to display data and how to insert, update, and delete data,
  • Shown how to use ASP.NET features like Membership, the site map, and master pages,
  • Introduced to the ASP.NET Ajax Library and how to create Ajax-enabled web applications using the server-centric model, and
  • Walked through deploying a website to a web hosting company.

If you are a seasoned ASP.NET developer, please refrain from buying this book for yourself – it is not written for you. This book is written for the beginner to intermediate developer who is new to or getting started with ASP.NET. So, if you’re getting started with ASP.NET, consider yourself a beginner-level ASP.NET developer, or if you have a colleague who’s learning ASP.NET, I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Teach Yourself ASP.NET 4 in 24 Hours.

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