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Full Day ASP.NET MVC 3 Training Event in Los Angeles on August 27th, 2011
18 August 11 08:28 AM | Scott Mitchell

In conjunction with the Los Angeles .NET Developer's Group I will be presenting a full day, hands-on lab/presentation/training event on ASP.NET MVC 3 Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices on Saturday, August 27th. The event is a 8 hour training with breakfast and lunch served. Attendees are asked to bring their own laptop and participate in a hands-on session. This event is geared for developers already familiar with ASP.NET MVC.

Event: LADOTNET Master Series: ASP.NET MVC3 – Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices with Scott Mitchell
Date: Saturday, August 27th, 2011
Cost: $50.00 – signup
Outlook Amusements
2900 W. Alameda Ave, Suite 400
Burbank, CA 91505

When building an ASP.NET MVC application developers are faced with a lot of questions. What comprises the Models in MVC? What techniques are available to build simple, yet powerful views? How best to keep your controllers from ballooning in size? And what sort of busywork and tedium can be offloaded to tools?
In this all-day, hands-on event, attendees start with a "baseline" ASP.NET MVC 3 application and together, we will add new features. Along the way we'll explore a variety of tips and best practices. We'll encounter pain points and discuss and implement various solutions. Topics will range from high-level, over-arching ones like options for building a domain model and persistence layer, to ones very specific to ASP.NET MVC, like creating and using custom display and editor templates in your views. And there will be plenty of hands-on experience with popular open source tools like AutoMapper.
This talk is tailored for developers who are already familiar with core ASP.NET MVC concepts and are comfortable building ASP.NET MVC applications.

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