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A Synchronized Visual Studio Crash
20 June 11 11:52 PM | Scott Mitchell
About month ago at a user group meeting the guy sitting across from me shared the tale of a talk he had attended. The speaker’s laptop had downloaded a slew of Windows Updates in the background, after which the “Restart your computer to finish installing...
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I’ve Written My Last Article for 4GuysFromRolla
29 March 11 11:32 PM | Scott Mitchell | 118 comment(s)
Warning! This blog post is long and rife with navel-gazing. In 1998 I started an ASP resource site, Toward the tail end of the dotcom boom I sold 4Guys to , but continued working as the editor and primary contributor for...
Adding a RESTful Service to My Boggle Solver
11 September 10 02:47 AM | Scott Mitchell | 5 comment(s)
This blog post has been deprecated. Please see Updating My Online Boggle Solver Using jQuery Templates and WCF for an updated discussion on the solver service, the data it returns, and how to call it from a web page. My immediate and extended family enjoys...
I’m Teaching Two Upcoming Training Classes in San Diego
19 August 10 09:45 PM | Scott Mitchell
Once a year (or so) I teach a handful of one-day, four hour classes in San Diego on various ASP.NET topics. I’ve got two such classes lined up for Saturday, September 11: Get Started with ASP.NET MVC – 8 AM to Noon Traditionally, ASP.NET websites have...
I Am Now Tweeting (Or is it Twittering?)
10 August 10 07:12 AM | Scott Mitchell | 3 comment(s)
Last week I received an email from Srikanth Pragada , a .NET trainer in southern India, asking why I did not have a Twitter account. I had two excuses. First, I am somewhat of a Luddite when it comes to social technologies like cell phones and web apps...
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Links to Scott Guthrie's Using LINQ to SQL Tutorials
27 July 10 11:56 PM | Scott Mitchell | 5 comment(s)
Back when Visual Studio 2008 came out, Scott Guthrie wrote an excellent series of blog posts on using LINQ to SQL . Unfortunately, the various installments are not easy to follow when starting from Part 1 and going onward, so I've decided to gather and...
A Review of Desktop / Screen Sharing Software
18 July 10 12:32 AM | Scott Mitchell | 15 comment(s)
I work as an independent consultant and trainer. Most of my business involves me meeting with clients (in person or online), discussing their needs, and then building a new application or enhancing an existing one from my own desktop. However, a growing...
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New Software Running ScottOnWriting.NET
27 May 10 10:50 PM | Scott Mitchell | 6 comment(s)
When I started this blog in July 2003 there weren't many available blog engines build atop ASP.NET. One of the more interesting ones at the time was Scott Watermasysk 's .Text blog engine (which eventually became part of Community Server . Over the past...
Authorize.Net, Silent Posts, and URL Rewriting Don't Mix
19 April 10 06:57 PM | Scott Mitchell
The too long, didn't read synopsis: If you use Authorize.Net and its silent post feature and it stops working, make sure that if your website uses URL rewriting to strip or add a www to the domain name that the URL you specify for the silent post matches...
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Determining Whether a String Is Contained Within a String Array (Case Insensitive)
09 March 10 02:14 PM | Scott Mitchell
About once every couple of months I need to write a bit of code that does one thing if a particular string is found within an array of strings and something else if it is not ignoring differences in case . For whatever reason, I never seem to remember...
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SOLUTION: Outlook Is Stripping Line Breaks From Plain-Text Emails Auto-Generated From My ASP.NET Application!
08 December 09 11:36 AM | Scott Mitchell | 1 comment(s)
Today I was working on an ASP.NET application that sends out plain-text emails to site administrators when certain conditions unfold. One problem I unearthed today is that when viewing these emails in Microsoft Outlook many of the carriage returns were...
SOLUTION: JSLint.VS Add-In Always Reports "No Errors" Even For Invalid JavaScript Files
15 October 09 03:49 PM | Scott Mitchell
JSLint is a free JavaScript code quality tool created by Douglas Crockford . At the website you can paste in a block of JavaScript code and JSLint will examine the code and warn you when it encounters any script that violates its list of rules...
Installing the FTP Service for IIS 6.0 On An Alternate Port Number and Configuring Windows Firewall
17 June 09 04:01 PM | Scott Mitchell
The Scenario You need to setup the Windows FTP service that is part of IIS 6.0 on a port number other than the standard port 21 and are using Windows Firewall on the server. The Challenge Getting an FTP server and the firewall to play nicely can be a...
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Happy Pi Day
14 March 09 12:53 PM | Scott Mitchell
Our esteemed House of Representatives passed a resolution earlier this week, designating today - March 14th - National Pi Day. This is an American-centric 'holiday,' as we colloquially denote our dates in MM/DD format, hence March 14th is 3.14, the first...
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Computer Science Is All About Tradeoffs
13 March 09 10:37 PM | Scott Mitchell
I oftentimes have a student or client remark, “I love how technology X does Y ! However, I don't like X because it does Z .” I don't know what else to say other than, “Ok,” or “I concur,” because after all, that's what computer science, and perhaps all...
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