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GotDotNet? Not Anymore, You Don't
15 March 07 10:18 AM | Scott Mitchell
Microsoft's web property GotDotNet will be completely shut down and phased out of existence by June 19, 2007. From the GotDotNet homepage : Microsoft will be phasing out the GotDotNet site by July 2007. Microsoft will phase out all GotDotNet functionality...
RssFeed - Now With Authentication Capabilities
25 October 05 12:29 PM | Scott Mitchell
Made a minor upgrade today to RssFeed , my open-source, custom, compiled ASP.NET server control for displaying RSS content in an ASP.NET page. Specifically, version 1.9.3 includes a new property, Credentials , that can be assigned an object that implements...
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RssFeed Version 1.9 Available
27 September 05 02:58 PM | Scott Mitchell
A new version of RssFeed - everybody's favorite ASP.NET server control for displaying RSS feeds - has been released. The new version 1.9 adds two notable improvements: The RSS feed “slurping“ code/logic has been decoupled from the server control-related...
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RssFeed Bug Found and Squashed
01 October 04 06:11 PM | Scott Mitchell
Alert RssFeed user Kenneth Ekman identified a bug in RssFeed when displaying RSS feeds whose <pubDate> dates were not given in GMT. My mistake was to parse the <pubDate> string using the DateTimeFormatInfo 's “r” format specifier, which looks...
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The Future of GotDotNet Workspaces?
28 September 04 10:15 AM | Scott Mitchell
When .NET broke onto the scene, Microsoft created , which promised to be the end-all stop for .NET developers. Since its inception, it has served a lot of purposes: as a list of links to the latest .NET articles around the Web, a list of...
Latest Article of Mine in this Month's PRO
04 August 04 09:08 PM | Scott Mitchell
In the July 2004 issue of PRO magazine there was an article of mine titled Displaying Syndicated Content (link works only for PRO subscribers), which examined how to read in a remote RSS feed and display it in an ASP.NET Web page, including...
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Back from the Honeymoon
05 July 04 04:04 PM | Scott Mitchell
My wife and I got back from our honeymoon this weekend. After 13 days of absolutely no computers, no cell phones, no email, and no Internet, I came home to 6,000+ spams. Joy. The trip was really enjoyable, neither of us had been out of the northwestern...
RssFeed Version 1.5 Available
11 March 04 06:30 PM | Scott Mitchell
A new version of RssFeed is now available. (RssFeed is an open-source custom ASP.NET server control that displays an RSS syndication feed in an ASP.NET Web page.) The latest version, Version 1.5, had two features added: Support for proxies - if your Web...
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I'll be Giving a User Group Talk on Feb. 17th
16 February 04 12:14 PM | Scott Mitchell
If you live in Southern California, let me invite you to the February 17th San Diego ASP.NET Special Interest Group meeting. It starts at 6:30 pm, and I'll be giving a talk on consuming RSS with RssFeed and syndicating your Web site's content by creating...
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RssFeed 1.4 Available
12 February 04 02:21 PM | Scott Mitchell
RssFeed is an open-source custom ASP.NET server control I created to display items from a particular RSS feed. RssFeed works with both RSS 1.0 (RDF) and RSS 2.0... A common request from the RssFeed user-base has been to make it so that RssFeed could dynamically...
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RssFeed 1.3 Available
06 February 04 06:12 PM | Scott Mitchell
I've updated RssFeed , the open-source custom ASP.NET server control for displaying RSS feeds in an ASP.NET Web page. The control is now at version 1.3. The latest update doesn't change any functionality of the control, it just gives it a slight performance...
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RssFeed Version 1.2 Released
08 January 04 05:11 PM | Scott Mitchell
Version 1.2 of RssFeed , an ASP.NET custom server control I created to display RSS syndicated content, is now available and ready for download at the RssFeed GotDotNet Workspace . I finally got around to completing the XML comments and, using NDoc , quickly...
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RssFeed Version 1.1 Available
13 December 03 02:58 PM | Scott Mitchell
RssFeed , an ASP.NET server control for displaying RSS syndication feeds I created back in October, has been updated. The new version had the following two additions: A Target property has been added so that the page developer can customize what frame...
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Showing the www.ASP.NET RSS Feed on the 4Guys Homepage
28 November 03 06:11 PM | Scott Mitchell
In case you haven't heard yet, the official ASP.NET Web site - www.ASP.NET - now has an RSS feed for its latest articles section. I've added this to the 4Guys ASP.NET homepage using the RssFeed custom control I developed. Displaying the www.ASP.NET latest...
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Managing an Open Source Project - More Challenging than I Thought!
12 November 03 09:21 PM | Scott Mitchell
There are two open-source projects I manage on the GotDotNet Workspaces : skmMenu , an ASP.NET menu server control, and RssFeed , an ASP.NET server control for displaying RSS 2.0 feeds. RssFeed has not attracted much attention in the Workspaces, but skmMenu...
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