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Searching SQL Server Stored Procedure and Trigger Text
30 September 11 08:16 PM | Scott Mitchell | 2 comment(s)
While I like to consider myself a web developer, every now and then I have to put on my DBA hat to address some SQL related issue. This little script has saved my butt more than once. It searches the text of triggers, UDFs, stored procedures and views...
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Removing Gaps and Duplicates from a Numeric Column in Microsoft SQL Server
18 January 11 08:35 PM | Scott Mitchell | 1 comment(s)
Here’s the scenario: you have a database table with an integral numeric column used for sort order of some other non-identifying purpose. Let’s call this column SortOrder . There are a many rows in this table. Every row should have a unique, sequentially...
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HOWTO: Update Records in a Database Table With Data From Another Table (MS SQL Server)
13 July 10 08:01 AM | Scott Mitchell | 6 comment(s)
SQL's UPDATE statement makes it easy to update one or more records in a database table. The most common UPDATE statement pattern assigns static or parameterized values to one or more columns: UPDATE MyTable SET Column1 = Value1, Column2 = Value2, ......
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