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Creating a Currency Masked TextBox with On-the-Fly Currency Formatting
25 June 11 03:21 AM | Scott Mitchell
By default, a user can enter any character into a textbox. Masked textboxes help reduce user input error by limiting what characters a user can type into a textbox. Masked textboxes have been a standard user input element in desktop applications for decades...
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Select a textbox’s text on focus using jQuery
01 February 11 03:23 AM | Scott Mitchell | 2 comment(s)
A fellow ASP.NET developer asked me today how he could have the text in a TextBox control automatically selected whenever the TextBox received focus. In short, whenever any textbox on the page receives focus you want to call its select() function. (The...
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jQuery Usage Among Top Sites
06 January 11 12:11 AM | Scott Mitchell
If you use jQuery on your website two things to consider are: What version of jQuery to use, and How should the jQuery library be referenced from your website Concerning the first question… Ideally everyone would use the latest and greatest version of...
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Resetting Form Field Values in an ASP.NET WebForm
23 December 10 02:14 AM | Scott Mitchell | 3 comment(s)
A recent question on asked if there was a general method to clear a form in ASP.NET . The person asking the question had a form with many TextBox and DropDownList controls and wanted some way to be able to “reset” all of those values;...
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Checking All CheckBoxes in a GridView Using jQuery
04 December 10 02:41 AM | Scott Mitchell | 3 comment(s)
How do I love thee, jQuery ? Let me count the ways. In May 2006 I wrote an article on titled Checking All CheckBoxes in a GridView Using Client-Side Script and a Check All CheckBox , in which I showed how to add a column of checkboxes...
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Use jQuery to Open “External” URLs in a New Browser Window
15 September 10 03:24 AM | Scott Mitchell | 4 comment(s)
As any web developer knows, the HTML anchor element ( <a> ), when used in the following form: <a href="">Click Me!</a> creates a hyperlink with the text “Click Me!” that, when clicked, whisks the...
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Adding a RESTful Service to My Boggle Solver
11 September 10 02:47 AM | Scott Mitchell | 5 comment(s)
This blog post has been deprecated. Please see Updating My Online Boggle Solver Using jQuery Templates and WCF for an updated discussion on the solver service, the data it returns, and how to call it from a web page. My immediate and extended family enjoys...
I’m Teaching Two Upcoming Training Classes in San Diego
19 August 10 09:45 PM | Scott Mitchell
Once a year (or so) I teach a handful of one-day, four hour classes in San Diego on various ASP.NET topics. I’ve got two such classes lined up for Saturday, September 11: Get Started with ASP.NET MVC – 8 AM to Noon Traditionally, ASP.NET websites have...
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