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GotDotNet? Not Anymore, You Don't
15 March 07 10:18 AM | Scott Mitchell
Microsoft's web property GotDotNet will be completely shut down and phased out of existence by June 19, 2007. From the GotDotNet homepage : Microsoft will be phasing out the GotDotNet site by July 2007. Microsoft will phase out all GotDotNet functionality...
skmMenu now on
05 January 06 09:05 AM | Scott Mitchell
skmMenu , a free, open-source ASP.NET menu control that I developed sometime back, is now being used on the German Expedia site, . To my knowledge, this is the largest, most public site that skmMenu's been deployed. I started skmMenu back in...
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The Future of GotDotNet Workspaces?
28 September 04 10:15 AM | Scott Mitchell
When .NET broke onto the scene, Microsoft created , which promised to be the end-all stop for .NET developers. Since its inception, it has served a lot of purposes: as a list of links to the latest .NET articles around the Web, a list of...
skmMenu 2.2 Released
22 February 04 02:49 PM | Scott Mitchell
Over the weekend I released the latest version of skmMenu , Version 2.2. (skmMenu is a free, open-source custom ASP.NET control that displays client-side menus.) skmMenu 2.2 fixed a couple of bugs, and added a number of new features. The coolest feature...
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skmMenu 2.0 and Web Site
24 January 04 05:00 PM | Scott Mitchell | 2 comment(s)
Several months ago I created skmMenu, an ASP.NET menu control, for a two-part article series I wrote for the ASP.NET Dev Center on MSDN . I decided to post the source up on a GotDotNet Workspace so readers of the article could enhance the functionality...
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New skmMenu Article Online - and skmMenu 1.3 Beta is Available
06 December 03 01:49 PM | Scott Mitchell
My latest MSDN article is now online, Examining the skmMenu Server Control . This is the second in a two-part series examining an open-source ASP.NET menu control I started back in September. (Read Part 1, Building an ASP.NET Menu Server Control .) Part...
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For those Interested in skmMenu
15 November 03 11:57 AM | Scott Mitchell
In a previous post , I moaned about the rigors of managing an open-source project, as well as the delimma of keeping skmMenu actively updated when there is an existing skmMenu article on MSDN , as well as an upcoming one. Per Carson's McComas advice ...
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Managing an Open Source Project - More Challenging than I Thought!
12 November 03 09:21 PM | Scott Mitchell
There are two open-source projects I manage on the GotDotNet Workspaces : skmMenu , an ASP.NET menu server control, and RssFeed , an ASP.NET server control for displaying RSS 2.0 feeds. RssFeed has not attracted much attention in the Workspaces, but skmMenu...
skmMenu: An ASP.NET Menu Server Control
09 September 03 12:28 PM | Scott Mitchell
I recently finished up the first of a two-part article series for the ASP.NET Dev Center on creating a menu ASP.NET server control. The article, which has yet to hit the front pages of the dev center (I did send it into Kent Sharky a mere hour ago, after...
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