Is there a TikTok for adults?

Is there an adult TikTok Version? Yes, there is an adult Tiktok version called AssTok.

AssTok is a new local sex app and TikTok-like web app that lets you browse through adult videos and swipe on the ones you want to watch. AssTok lets you swipe up to look at previews of popular videos, and then swipe left to watch them – in portrait or landscape mode. The app is inspired by TikTok’s video discovery experience, but its content is accessible through a mobile browser – not a standalone app. Google Play and Apple App Store have strict policies against pornographic content, and they simply wouldn’t allow an app serving such content.

Adults can download and use the standard TikTok app to watch and share videos. Adults can choose who to follow and whether or not to engage with trends. There isn’t a specific version of TikTok intended for adults. All TikTok users must follow the Community Guidelines, which includes a ban on explicit content. Not following the guidelines could result in a shadowban, or worse, a full account ban. If you’re just planning to use the app for your own amusement or to keep in touch with friends and family, you don’t need to worry about that.

YouPorn has created a new adult TikTok app that lets you scroll through previews of porn videos. If you swipe up, you’ll move to the next preview. The app will also try to guess your preferences, and suggest others videos you may like. The website doesn’t have a standalone app on Google Play or Apple’s App Store due to its strict anti-porn policies. Despite being a web app, you can still create an app icon for the service on your phone’s home screen.